EARLY DAYS:  Adana Demirspor club was first established in 1938 by the Turkish Railways, 6th Regional Department during 2nd World War to prepare teenagers for war under the law of the "Civil defence responsibilities"...The Club was first founded by the following members: Mr. Demirag Esref, Ramzan Vasfi, Silah Hasan, Tezel Hikmet, Kuzeybay Feridun, Keydar Seha, Ersan Emin, Gurkan Esat and Gulgun Kenan. Adana Demirspor also undertook other activities apart from football such as swimming, water polo, cycling, athletics, wrestling and volleyball. Adana Demirspor took part in a tournament to raise funds for Erzincan earthquake victims.

FOOTBALL SECTION:  First regional tournament was established and called "Cukurova League". The first teams that were involved were: Idmanyurdu, Torosspor, Seyhanspor, Milli Mensucat and Demirspor. Adana Demirspor were the Cukurova League Champions during 1942-53 and took part in the second phase of the games. In 1947 they became the second phase Champions and at the final stage, which was held in Ankara they came third, following Ankara Demirspor and Fenerbahce. In 1951 they also became third place in the Final Stage games which where held in Balikesir behind Besiktas and Altay.

During the Final of the 1953-54 season of the Turkey Amature Teams Tournament Adana Demirspor played againist Ankara Hacettepe and won 1-0, becoming the Turkish Champions with the winning goal scored by Mr. Tekkazanci Selami.

All Demirspor Chairmans have been chosen from the Turkish Railways, 6th Regional Department between the years 1940-69. The first Demirspor Chairman to be chosen outside of the Railways was Mr.Karabucak Mahmut.

During the 1965-66 season, when Mr. Apak Orhan Seref was the head of the Turkish Football Federation, Demirspor where invited and accepted to play in the second division of Turkish Football League. After 7 years, their hard work paid off and the team were successful in winning a promotion place for the First Division, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Gulergun Muherrem and Sengezer Nuri. During the season of 1972-73 Demirspor won the game againist Usakspor 2-0, the last game of the season, with goals scored by Terim Fatih and Bektas.

Adana Demirspor played in the First Division for 10 succesive years and were relegated to Division Two in 1983-84 season. In 1986-87, when Mr.Atilgan Adem was Chairman with financal help from Mr. Kaymak Muhammed and hard work by Mr.Hosfikirer Ali, the Team Manager, Demirspor were once again gained promotion to the First Division. This time they were not so successful and had a very bad run which ended with them being relegated that same year.

Adana Demirspor went up and down until 1998-99 Season, when they were hoping for promotion to the First Division at the start of the games. Unfortunately, by the end of the season they lost 4-0 againist Bakirkoyspor in Istanbul and were relegated to the Third Division for the first time in their history.

During 2002, they again gained promotion to the Second Division, and were hopeful of becoming champions to gain promotion to the First Division but they had a very bad run again and had to concentrate their efforts in trying to escape the relegation zone to a lower division.

Adana Demirspor's most succesfull branches have been swimming and waterpolo. Especially, after a swimming pool was built in Adana in 1938.

Adana Demirspor's Water Polo team were known as "UNBEATEN" having only lost one game in 17 years.

Adana Demirspor Players's have held National Caps in swimming, athletics, wrestling and cycling in international tournaments.